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Prussian Cavalry firearms...1850-1898


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Here is most of my imperial german firearms collection. Still looking for an 1883 Reichsrevolver and a Kar 98. Being guarded by a Will try to get some more detailed photos of each of these in the future

The Kar 88 is marked to the 3rd Hussar Regiment. The period postcard depicts hussars of this regiment firing Kar 88's.


Franco-Prussian war era....M57 Dreyse Needle Carbine and 1850 Cavalry pistol. The swords are an 1852 cavalry saber and an 1811 Blucher saber


Kar 71 and another 1850 cavalry pistol and 1873 Uhlan saber

Chassepot converted to Prussian use. In this photo the rifle and both swords were captured from the French in the Franco-Prussian war and converted to German use.



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That is quite the impressive display very well done sir. What a wonderful collection, and thank you very much for sharing with all of us. Love that chassepot kar71 conversion as well. By the way what manufacturer produced your kar71 by chance?

Like I said you just can't help but love the unit marked Calvary carried weapons.



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Great collection! The displays are excellent.
The swords, pistol and carbine from each era is a wonderful idea. I may have to emulate your idea for some of my items.

If you ever decide to do a Bavarian display as a counterpoint, the m69 Werder Carbine, Werder Pistol and a couple swords would really be an eye catcher!

Glad you joined the forum and I hope you show us some details pics of those carbines and pistols in the near future.


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Thank you gentlemen for the kind words. From what I've seen in the posts you all have some impressive collections. I like that photo of the Hussars! The Kar 71 was made by OEWG in 1876 and issued in 1877. The chassepot was made at the Mutzig arsenal.

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