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Question on svw MB


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I recently received a call from a commercial customer / friend who wheels and deals on firearms as a side businees /hobby.

He had questions about a k98 he was offered . I went by and looked @ it. It was a svwMB .

It was in very good condtion,dont beleive it has ever had a screw turned on it..all matching in light phosphate with bolt and sling cutout and cover plate where the stacking rod was originally.

I referenced my Kriegsmodell book and beleive it to be a type 2 (but it might be a type 3...I didnt pay close enough attention) .

All that being said what is the current market value of of the postwar french 98's..?


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Is it French proofed with a sling bar on the left side of the butt stock? Big price difference if German issue. Hammer prices for French versions that I’ve seen at auction don’t go much above $800 to $1000.
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Like CLG said.
If it doesn't have that goofy French sling cut and it is finished in phosphate with real "swatsticker" proofs on it instead of the postwar French star proof. You'd better get back over there and scoop it up.
If you can't figure any of this out, send detailed photos and we'll figure it out for you.:happy0180:


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Dosent have any of the french stuff . When I first picked it up before I looked @ the receiver ring I thought it was a std kriegsmodell until I saw the SVW. The phosphate is a bit thin but other than that it looks like a full german build. It does have German proofs . I will get the serial and letter block and see where it falls in relation to others listed in the book.

He purchased the gun after I talked to him about it and has now expressed interest in doing a trade with me for something commercial as milsurps are not his thing. I prefer a war time model wth some wear but it is a pretty nice rifle I am giving it some thought , hence the reason for my inquiry. Want to make sure where I stand if we can make a swap we can both live with.
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Is it matching with an unsanded stock? Like you know, just those two thing will determine how much you should be trading for


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Very hard gun to find - mine took many years! If truely as found and not messed with very desirable. I’ve got a green a block and thin grey b block, and frankly prefer the latter esthetically.


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If you get it and it’s an unsanded svwMB, I’ll trade you a wartime bnz42 for it. Then you get what you want too. But, it has to be a German one with untouched wood to be worth owning.

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Ok..thanks I know what i am dealing with. I have never paid much attention to the Postwar stuff so I was reticent in what to tell him. I told him that is was potswar but that I was not all that versed in it.

He said the guy wanted 1k and he was going to offer him 8 hundy . I told him .. that he would he be safe if he had to cough up the grand due to conditon and the german proofing but I would investigate further and get back with him on current mkt value. Well he called me an hour later and said he bought it ...then called me 2 days later and wanted to swap with me on a 10MM pkg I have. I have never shot the 10mm and mainly bought it cuz the price was right and figured it would be good swap material..turns out I was right.

Thanks again all...will see if I can work a deal this weekend.

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