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Radom Rig, price/authentic check

Went to the DuPage County Civil War show today. Wanted to check on this FB Radom rig figured its good to go, has 3xtra mag as well. Wanted to check on the Ink stamping and the almost moved stamping in the metal.

Really considering picking this up. Thanks.


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Holster looks to be nice and markings correct. Three extra mags (if all original) a very nice addition, too. Pistol could be post-WW2 redip, but usually the metal doesn't look like it has been possibly buffed as in the photos. On the other hand, if the price is right...
The way I look at it, the mags are about $200 a pop and the holster is $250-300. I don't know what pricing a refinished example would be worth, but I would guess 75% of an original in the 1st letter series P-block range, so lets say $600. In total, I would say this rig is worth $1050 in my opinion.
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Does the stamps on the holster seem okay? No waffs on mags. One mag had wavy ~ on heel. Other no markings. May switch the pistols and keep the rig, if the price is decent.
No waffenamt on magazine = made at Radom
Waffenamt on magazine = made by Steyr satellite plant in Warsaw (I think eagle over 189)

Stamps on holster look OK. These tended to vary a bit, but the bnz and the P35(p) stamps are consistent.

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