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reloading 8mm

iam trying my hand at converting 8mm turk burdan primed to boxer as well as dropping powder charge. my question is after pulling bullets and dumping powder charge iam having trouble firing the primers some chamber some are very hard to get the bolt to close is this because not having a bullet on the case .the case now goes in too far. i have two 98ks i thought it was just one but its both. i can chamber them in a g43 so i am thinking its not the cases fault .any thoughts?


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Do you have a caliper? Sounds like the your cartridges are too long. Sometimes you have to trim the brass or seat the bullet further.
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7,92 was the first milsurp caliber I reloaded. First off, why are you trying to convert Berdan cases to Boxer? Turk brass is not that great to begin with, so you're already at the point of declining returns. Instead, get PPU or other brass (or buy loaded ammo made with Boxer primed brass) and just load that stuff. Trying to covert Berdan-Boxer in 7,92 just isn't worth it.

Other considerations: Do you know if the Turk ammo you have is standard Light Ball (154gr.) or Heavy Ball (198gr)? K98k rear sights are calibrated for a 196gr. S.s bullet, not Light Ball. Your POI will be different.

154 GR Its fun and gives me something to do. retired from real world of having a job to go to. So why not already reloaded all my 7.92x33 left with just time on my hands


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Are you inserting the case into the chamber and then trying to close the bolt? If so the front of the extractor is hitting the back of the case.


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Turk brass is very questionable. I have had countless case ruptures from it. Better off using Yugo brass. You should do a tutorial on your Berdan to Boxer conversion.


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how are you pulling the bullets? You might run then threw a resizer sans the deprimming pin before trying to chamber.
As stated above I would not use the Turk stuff.
i use a Hornady bullet puller. i found if you insert the case on the bolt face and then using a screw driver to help guild the case into the chamber it will allow closing of the bolt to fire the berdan primer. i believe the pulled case drops too far into the chamber .i followed a guy on you tube .changing some things that worked better for me its been a lot of fun so far.
i am ready to use some powder i was thinking imr 4198 at 23 grains using a 155 pulled bullets, was thinking of loading about 20 rounds.
i have a maybe dumb question about loading using imr 4198 powder with 155 grain pulled bullets . ive loaded lots of 9mm and 7.92x33 i always thought the larger the bullet the less powder used less bullet more powder needed


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i am ready to use some powder i was thinking imr 4198 at 23 grains using a 155 pulled bullets, was thinking of loading about 20 rounds.
I try to get as close to milspec as possible. So I use a heavy almost 200 grain projectile (hornady in the past) now Nosler and ppu brass with a modest powder charge of IMR 4895. Its running at 2550 feet per second which is close to original ammo. The load gave me a silver, 5th of 28 at the CMP vintage sniper match games. My partner dropped 5 points which would have given us gold. 😕. Still happy about going against all the US weapons and coming up pretty high

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