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This thread is for trading/swapping only, not just a “looking for” type thread. We are all looking for a ton of stuff, the list would be long. If you have spare items, post up what you have to trade and what you need in trade. This is not a selling thread - if someone has an item you want, find a trade item to get it!
(preferably) Europe.

Looking for a ftd chain, mundlos 37 spoon/oiler&chain, hawig spoons(multiple) And a drift pouch for rg34 Lang.

I have for trade: 64 oiler, gappel 1938 oiler, ky1940 oiler, early war bakelite oiler, late war bakelite oiler, sheet metal oiler(weld in middle/rough shape), multiple unmarked chains(all sorts and kinds)

If you want something but don’t have the tings i’m asking in return just shoot
me a trade offer with what you do have, i might be interested.

Is the trading of complete or incomplete behälters allowed for this thread?
This is a great idea. I have a few items I need for kits.

I have - G Appel 1935 oiler. I need/will trade for - Mundlos 1940 oiler

I have - G Appel 1936 spoon. I need/will trade for - G Appel 1937 spoon

I have - sheet metal oiler. I need/will trade for plus some cash - later sheet metal oiler with no seam (I know this is a long shot).

I have - arr4 can with Waa57. I need/will trade for - arr4 can with Waa392. Can for can trade, no internal parts.
Ok, what follows is a list of spares I currently have. Cannot promise everything on this list is available, but will try and accommodate you (and me) in a trade if I can. Am not going to post up photos because it would be too time consuming and take up excessive space on this thread. However, would be happy to PM you with photos if we are considering some form of swap. In that event, each party will pay for their own shipping if we initiate a trade (within CONUS). Should you reside outside the USA, we will have to discuss this as shipping costs alone could exceed worth of the item(s) exchanged.

1. MUNDLOS | 1940 Steel Ex- *(I have a second one as well but bottom cap is missing. Ex-).
2. UA. Extruded steel Flat-head cap screw which extends higher than edge of cap. Ex.
3. UA. Dark brown phenolic. Ex.
4. UA. Mottled orange/brown phenolic with black bottom plate in cap. Smooth texture. Ex.
5. UA. Same as #4 but with lots of little pocks & nubs on or in the phenolic material. Ex.

Sadly, I have nothing except three W. German, Post-WW2 issue with "flat-butt" and they are set aside for my PW Rg34s.

1. G APPEL | 1936 Partial SE | Wa___ stamp. Ex-
2. " " 1937 E/WaA500 Ex.
3. CNX E/WaA20. Ex-
4. CNX E/WaA20 Ex-
5. MUNDLOS ("M" w/serifs) SE | 219 Ex-
6. HAWIG (partial) SE | WaA94 Ex-
7. HAWIG SE | WaA94 Patch loop stiff. Suspect swivel link modified from dual-hooks to closed patch loop. Ex-
8. UA. alum. beads. Possible swivel link modified from dual-hooks to closed patch loop. Ex-
9. UA. alum. beads. Swivel link Ex-
10. UA. zinc beads. Swivel link Ex-
11. UA steel beads (not split/PW) Swivel link w/first bead zinc. Ex-
12. UA twisted steel wire. "paper-clip" type patch loop with three tubular steel beads before TW. Ex.
*Note: All RGKs have aluminum beads unless stated otherwise.

Have about six, (mostly dark brown) chamber brushes. No bore brushes. Ex- to Vg.

This includes some salvaged lids, maybe a spacer, a few lid clips and partial RGKs. Inquire.

Lastly, UA = Unattributed, SE = Stick Eagle. E = Eagle.

Looking For:
KY 1937
KY 1938
KY 1940

KY 1940 or 41
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