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Rg34s for the Luftwaffe


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The corroborated existence of Rg34s with the acceptance eagle of the German Navy, most likely acquired outside the normal circuit of the Heereswaffenamt , opens the possibility of the existence also of Rg34s acquired directly by the Luftwaffe and accepted by their own inspectors.
To date, I have only been able to observe two specimens. Both are tinned and feature the G. Appel logo and a Luftamt on the left side of the lid. With regard to the Luftwaffe acceptance stamps observed, one is the Luftamt eagle with the inspector number 7 and the other without number. I enclose pictures of them. According to Mr. Espeholt's Waffenamt numbers list, the Luftamt 7 also apears on leather holsters, made in 1941-42 from different firms located in Berlin, for the Browning 1922 and P37(ü) pistol.

Perhaps other specimens may appear...



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