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Riveted Matching K98 bayonet marked 44 cvl - 8296 opinions


Bajonet 1.jpg

Dear All

Initially I guessed that the Riveted parts were not original (as this is a bolt instead of flat).
However, on this forum, I saw other examples of this specific setup.
Could you please confirm this is the correct configuration for a CVL of 44?

Afterwards I'll buy the piece for sure.

Kind regards

bajonet 2.jpg


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Looks good to me. It is the earliest 44 cvl riveted I have seen being in the "o" block. Not sure when cvl went to rivets, I am sure Andy knows.
Check out the above link.
When you get it, put some light gun oil on it. Stop that rust. I would suggest wearing cotton gloves when handling your bayonet. Use nitrile gloves when cleaning/oiling. Use a clean, soft cloth (old t-shirt) to wipe down. Always use a clean section of the cloth, the rust will adhere to the cloth and can act as an abrasive.
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8296 o is important to say, as wout the series letter it would be different timeframe, looks like nice one, i have reported 8218o and 8969o in same way, for detailed info is the best expert in late production evidently Slash.


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Very nice example of a rivet grip 44cvl. Textbook piece in the late o block. These bayonets are found from roughly the middle of the m block to the end of production in the early p block. Not all of the bayonets in those letter blocks are riveted however as WKC continued to sporadically manufacture examples with the traditional bolts/spanners during this same serial numbering sequences. Much rarer than the riveted grip bayonets by Hörster (asw and sgx). Below are a couple of hot links with more detailed information on these very scarce variations.


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