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Rusty BNZ


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It was local to me, but I didn’t think it worth the risk considering the overall condition and price. It appears to be a regular army rifle and not a SS contract. If it had been a SS rifle I might have considered trying to save it.


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If someone restores it with the same experience and care that Bob has displayed, it should clean up really nice, if not it can be turned into a P.O.S. really fast! :( o_O:cry:


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Any rust will clean off, it’s just a matter of putting/splotchy finish. I don’t think that will be pitted but will certainly be splotchy


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I think the issue here is that someone may have applied phosphoric acid to the buttplate, takedown discs, and front band area, so it's not just an issue of carefully removing surface rust, but restoring the appropriate appearance to the buttplate and discs and restoring the blue areas and blending them in properly. there are guys out there that can do this work. The problem is. Who are they?, what is the cost going to be, and is it worth it? I believe that Bruce may possibly have all of these answers. :D:ROFLMAO: :LOL:


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Impressive work.

Question: Would rust removal by electrolysis affect the bluing? With electrolysis every bit of rust is removed, even from all the hard places that would normally be hard to get to. Has anyone attempted this method?

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