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I got this one a while back, and haven’t had time or weather for anymore pictures but here’s some from when I got it. This rifle is still sitting as received, dry and dusty. It’s a neat mix of e280 and e132 parts and shows a lot of early production teething issues, which is really cool to me. The e132 parts I can recall are as follows: receiver, bolt body, HG, mag spring, front band, TD, and ejector box.

The areas that show start up issues are interesting, although I may not know the full extent as I haven’t taken it apart. The bore gauge on the shank is either double struck, or it was changed. The e132 bolt body is a factory reused part, and they didn’t bother dressing the die extrusions down like normal after renumbering it. There are some other subtle ones too.

This is the first RFV rifle I’ve had, so I was pretty happy to finally have one. It’s pretty close to original, sans the sight leaf that was replaced at some point in its life.919EB3AE-2079-4ABF-A2AF-56A5640E582A.jpegD5128E50-C86E-4856-AF76-68504B1B1D37.jpeg493E4267-EE9B-47C0-821D-97F389022724.jpeg16D1CE84-C99D-425D-8B37-09F64BD3BAF9.jpeg10CC2C3F-DB02-4622-BEBC-195D606A59A1.jpegEEF8D083-1BEE-472B-8327-24ED2D9DD011.jpegDAE3E65F-A1B5-4683-AC77-B8214795CAA9.jpegFCCEFAB7-ED50-4352-B76F-118BC24DFE42.jpeg961F48F7-618D-44F4-99F9-8FB171963936.jpegD136865A-C872-42F1-AF29-F624B6CECE2D.jpeg


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Very nice Clay! I have been waiting for you to post some photos of this one for a while… I am glad that you won it! I makes me want to reshoot my S/27G. My photos of it posted here were taken when I really didn’t know what I was doing….


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It’s interesting how your receiver is marked differently than mine, both 132, but mine is WaA132 and yours is e/132. My rifle is all E/132 parts, besides the front and rear bands, the band spring, bayonet lug and the butt stock plate are all E/280


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Peter S

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My receiver is marked differently than either of yours.

S27G 5825 40as.jpg



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Thanks Gentlemen, happy to have it. Looks like we have a good showing of the early acceptance all the way through the later transitional rifles. Great examples fellas.

I would imagine it is Wayne, thank you, I was pleasantly surprised myself.

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Thanks for sharing those high-quality pics of this very rare maker/date ! The 1936 sling is very cool.
Have you guys detected a pattern for the progressive introduction of WaA/e/E/280 parts ?


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Thanks guys, it looks better out in natural light so the photos are lacking. Sorry I don’t personally have any kind of trend or exact feeling for when the 280 parts come in exactly, but the examples listed here and elsewhere on the forum give a good general idea of that. It does look like no less than five different RR acceptance patterns/styles show up though, which is a lot for the limited production. Something interesting I noticed was that 4342 also seems to have a factory renumbered bolt.

Here’s that 36 sling a bit closer340AD4CA-14C0-4248-9244-BFA5F5425023.jpeg


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Geezus that thing is beautiful. Congrats on your purchase! And thanks for the great photos!

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