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Single Claw that sold at auction


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That's an original Single claw sniper. Stock has been ruined but they say it doesn't match anyways. And they show no pictures of the bolt so who knows if that was right.
I was a fan. Although they listed it as a stock mismatch, that poor stock suffered a tragedy in and of itself. With fees, it’s probably a little over a third the cost of a perfect example.
"A little over a third the cost of a perfect example". How much of a deduction does the stock issue take away from the value of a perfect example?
If I had to guess the stock has a chance of being original but numbered incorrectly. I’ve seen others with incorrectly numbered stocks, and that is the right stock for it (even has “Eagle H”). But, it’s sanded to no end which is half the value of any ww2 German rifle - it’s where the aesthetic meets the eye, and it makes it hard to look at which defeats the purpose of owning it to money guys.

If it weren’t sanded it would be one of the finer examples. But it’s sanded, so it sells for 11k instead of 33k, that is a 66% hit.
I think you make a very good point. On that day, at that location, and with the people bidding on it, it was an $11k gun.
I think someone did well.
If the stock is actually matching then some one paid a decent price. But like Mrfarb, wouldn’t matter to me. I couldn’t stand looking at that stock.
I, on the other hand, would love to own it. Aside from the stock, it is an outstanding example. I find the pristine original scope and matching mount impressive. I have seen very few of these rifles and almost always the scope is missing. As with most things, to each his own.

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