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SMG FG42 Type 1 Latest Toy


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SMGs Scope and Mount For Type 1 FG42

Rick, IMHO, has outdone himself on this .......

Received mine today.....


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Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing. I opted for the optic and mount too. Cool that he matched your serial number to the mount as well, great attention to detail overall!


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Current wait time is 6-12 months for anyone interested.
Only costs $100 to get your name down for one. He does amazing work and when you finally get your hands on one, you'll understand why they are so expensive and why they are worth every cent. Amazed at all the work they've done.
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Have to agree... Rick scored pure Historical Art with this... 120 rounds down range so far.. Light recoil, accurate, and oh so purdy!


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Got an email from Rick a few days back. He said that due to covid and shortages/delays in material, they are expecting the next FG42 orders to ship out in December at the earliest. He said there were about 100 people in line to get one.


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I received that email, Rick said he hopes to ship a few rifles in December. I am expecting a long wait. By "a few" I am guessing he will only ship 20 or 30 in December. Just a wild guess. of course.

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