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SS RC deaths head k98

Ok I’m am a collector of wwii Nazi and SS stuff I have seen many fakes that were obvious fakes I don’t claim to know everything about SS totenkopf or death heads... this is a Russian capture so ofc not original stock so no help on authentication there. But size placement and look all seem right for me compared to other authenticated ones. As well as the SS2 over the stamp matching up in size and font with my sszz marked k98.. so I want to hear what you thinkE26F24F0-140F-479C-BE03-4B99A2BC1722.jpeg52CA9914-54E2-4BE7-8EF2-A725802B1D05.jpegF7BD582D-9805-4147-A99D-C443CECC7F15.jpeg


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Well, it appears legit. The issue is it’s probably not impossible to get perfect skull stamps and apply them. So you have a potentially real SS rework barreled receiver in RC trim. These army ss2 rework guns are not super common, and generally misunderstood by the general population of collectors, so if you posted it somewhere most would call it fake right off the bat even though it has a chance.

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