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SS signed DSM for sale

Have a look at the seller and you know what to think about it!
In my opinion, the seller is a fraud of the first order.
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not sure who the seller is but the SS marking is legit. I dont think the stock is correct for the action though..
Once owned a "RF SS" marked one back in the '80s. Condition was about 80%+. Believe I got it at a O.G.C.A. show and flipped it as "SS" stuff was never my bag...
based off the placement of the RF/SS the stock is for a Mauser made rifle. All others Ive owned and seen the RF/SS is on the other side of the stock.
Mostl RFSS accepted DSM34 training rifles for Allgeimeine SS units were Mauser according to contract. I have an image of an Erma DSM34. Comparing the RFSS marking, the Egun is a fake IMO. Notice the Sig Runen are not really runes. Rather the creator mated two slashing lines at the ends. And as noted above, the RFSS is marked on the opposite side of the butt-stock.
Here are a couple pics of my Mauser for comparison. These also only occur in certain serial number range but I don’t have a reference. The cartouche is different slightly.
It is on the correct side of the stock for Mauser. I think you are correct it is the wrong stock for that action. I haven’t been able to find any pictures with the cartouche oriented horizontally like that.


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