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SSD Bergman 35/1


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Hi here is some pics !


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Oh man you guys are killing me with this one! I could care less about any of the other ones as I have parts kits and can make my own but the MP35/1 is one I do not have any parts for.

This one could easily be sold in the USA - AND this is one that could have a 16" barrel and it would be 100% correct as they made a long barreled version of it. Also, there is a lot of room in that stock to make it hammer fired. UGH! please send this to me. :googlie


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They will need to be modified to import to US, 16" barrels, closed bolt, positive disconnect, proper denial so no unaltered bolt can be inserted. This can be accomplished with a denial bar of some sort. It also needs to have 10 or less of the parts below. I checked all that I think applicable to the Bergmann. Right now it is 13 so would need to have 3 of the parts US made. That would be really easy to accomplish. Floorplates are pretty easy to make. That leaves two more and I am guessing barrel is one since it needs to be 16" anyway and you can't import them and finally maybe trigger or bolt handle? Maybe also the complete mag assembly if there is anything made her now. I know Uzi mags have been converted to work with the Bergmann, so maybe there is a US made Uzi mag?

922(r) parts count widget can be found here if anyone is interested:


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Wow - that is very nice work - I do like the way the Bergman 35 loads and operates.

Nice - thanks for sharing the pics.

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