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SSR SS Fantasy Piece?


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I'm sure it's a fantasy piece but this is not my forte at all and wanted to get opinions. I know the pictures are limited/horrible and I will try to grab more if it at all looks hopeful. This is a friends rifle that he inherited from another friend who was I'm told a fairly eccentric collector and he's basically trying to find out more about it.



The scope mount looks like a fake. See if you can get a picture of the rear of the base (towards the butt end). Scope may be good. Caps are reproduction. Barrel markings look genuine SS but better pictures a must.


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Barrel and receiver markings look promising, but stock is totally wrong for this gun. Mount is, as mentioned, no good.

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Is that a scope you have in your pocket?
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I know this Rifle I have some pics of it , the owner sent me pics years ago . The Mount & Base is one of Robert Spielauer`s Repros the Scope I believe but is it really an original SS SSR thats the real question . Mike and I discussed the rifle about a year and half ago and its most likely a sporter restoration but again was it originally a SS built SSR ??.

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It’s a very weird rifle overall. It has a Ch.d.a cartouche usually found on early banner Mauser’s on an stock with imperial marked cross bolt and buttplate. Looks like it’s had a coat of Michael shine since your pictures were taken

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