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Stripper clip question

I found 10 stripper clips that I assume are for the K98 and have cleaned them up and found some codes on them but haven't found a reference on what those codes my be, was hoping someone here could help. They are a mixture of brass and steel ones

Here are the codes
P25 brass
P brass
P327 40 steel
P40 steel
P208.38 steel
38 P steel
C-hp-44 steel
P25-39 steel
and 2 steel ones with just a W
So the following are some of the factory codes that I found:

P25 brass: Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbritzen GmbH, Werk Sebaldushof
P brass: Polte Armaturen-u. Maschinenfabrik A.G., Werk Magdeburg, Sachsen
P327 40 Steel Zündapp Werke GmbH, Nürnberg
P208.38 steel: Federstahl A.G., Kassel
P25: Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbritzen GmbH, Werk Sebaldushof
W: Gesellsch. zur Verwertung chem. Erzeugnisse mbH

I'm pretty sure that any of the 2-digit numbers represented the year that the stripper clip was made in.

Brass stripper clips typically had a "P-code" denoted by a "P" and then a number, and these were produced from pre-war up until 1940/41. After the war started stripper clips began to be made of steel and the codes also shifted to the three-letter codes; sometimes they were one or two letters though.

If you want more information about German codes, here's a website with a lot of them:

I also recommend Michal Heidler's book: German Secret Armament Codes until 1945. It's a very comprehensive book that lists just about every German code that was ever used. It's split into German/English, so it's manageable.

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