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The Time Has Come - Forum Software Change


No War Eagles For You!
Ok Fellas, the time has finally arrived to update the forum software from the 1954 Chevy VBulletin to the 2021 Corvette Xenforo.

*** This is copied from the WW2 section, I'm putting it here as well since this is a very active, healthy sub-community here which may not see any post in the WW2 section

Change is hard. Some of you will be aghast at it. But, I am going to try to emulate the existing forum as closely as possible. In fact, I'm paying a company to do the migration for me, professionals who deal in Xenforo software. Its better that way, and more safe in that I won't lose anything.

Here is what to expect - 1 hour of downtime to convert the forum. Most of the transition/migration will happen behind the scenes, with a 1 hour window when the forum will go down and reappear in its new suit.

I plan on running a fund raising drive to cover expenses this year, we've already paid for the hosting and extra space, so there is additional cost for the new software and transition.

This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I've been anxious about us driving around in VBulletin, its very dated and has issues, as its no longer a supported version. To the future!


P.S. - Bruce agreed with this change, so if shit goes south, I plan on placing the majority of blame on him. Don't tell him I said that, he won't read this anyway is it isn't about Mauser Oberndorf.

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