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The worst work of bubba yet


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Stumbled across this poor thing and felt that other people needed to have their retinas seared. Looks like bubba saw an HK SL-7 and came up with this nightmare after one too many bottles of southern comfort. I think it can be said the seller also had a little too much to drink coming up with that price.
So damned purdy !!!!!!

I am going to do all 12 of mine the same way !!!!!!!!

A fur reel master piece
Very poor work. At least the Mitchell’s guys cleaned their rifles up. what a mess.
I think the best description is "intense". Something about it appeals to me, like Mardi Gras. However……


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There used to monthly articles, in every gun magazine, about turning USELESS mil surplus guns into sporters.

Those of us who collected this "JUNK' were considered "BOTTOM FEEDERS" by "REAL GUN COLLECTORS" !!!!!

This stuff comes is waves. Something really similar happened with comm bloc surplus in the 90s on through the early 00s. All sorts of neat E. German stuff - both guns and non-gun stuff like uniforms - used to be dirt cheap. I've got a E. German helmet in a closet that I bought for I think $10 to be part of a halloween costume when I was in college. Great coat too, I think that was $25. Whole border guard costume for sub-$100, the helmet still has scratches from where people at the party were breaking beer bottles over my head.

More recently SKSs used to be cheaper than a WASR, and cutting them up to make a tacticool quarry plinker was a fun way to spend a saturday. Lots and lots of ugly home-brew "improvements" to yugo and Russian SKSs done in the pre-'04 years.

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