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Thoughts on Rock Island Auction Co?


It seems gunbroker gets bashed quite a bit here, like a 'buyer beware' approach is needed. Was wondering what the consensus is for an outfit like RIAC. Do they have any higher standard for authenticating/verifying/vetting their listings? Any added legitimacy over other online venues?


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Read the fine print very carefully before you bid on anything from RIA, or any other auction house for that matter. One thing that is critical to know is that except in very rare cases, RIA does not provide a warrantee or guarantee that their item descriptions are accurate. The only exception is the bold headline of the description for items in their Premier Auctions. Anything else they sell is caveot emptor.


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A lot of their buyers seem to have very deep pockets. Nothing beats a hands on inspection, their descriptions are no worse than other auction businesses. Remember to factor in auction bidders charges, packaging and shipping.


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I have used both as a seller, and for high end items they can both do well assuming you don’t mind the commission. The trouble with Rock Island for lesser items is they combine lots into maybe five or six pieces. Amoskeag does not. For higher end commercial pieces the descriptions are generally pretty good. For mil-slurps, they are both a crap shoot.


Rock Island is very hard to get a decent price on. People go insane and over big + they forget there is like a 25 percent extra charge when you add up all the little charges + shipping. So plan to bid like 300.00 lower than you think per 1,000 dollars of gun.

You can get deals but these days the only winner there is the house. They really nail you on fees. I have not seen a good deal in 3 auctions, prices were way higher than gunbroker for similar guns. like 500-1k more.


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Gunbroker as a platform is not bad. I don't get why the platform gets blamed for what sellers do, whether their misrepresented listings are done with intent to deceive or done out of lack of expertise on the subject matter.

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