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Thoughts on these Walther K43 ac45 Sniper Rifles?

Fellow Collectors,
Legacy has offered two Walther Sniper Rifles that have come up for sale. Just looking for some advice on what to look for in a K43 version of a Sniper Rifle. Would be greatly interested in your thoughts and comments on these two.

Thanks very much!

Respects, Thunderbolt 3

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Well you can start with the stocks. Both have been screwed with and puts the rifle into that current 2-3k shooter price range. Top one has been light sanded or scrubbed and oiled. The bottom one has had the stock completely sporterized. The bottom of the grip has been cut and the butt looks to have been slightly chopped at some point and had a but plate re-attached with drywall screws.

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Legacy isn't that "up" on German rifles.... They like to think they are and price them as such, but many they list often have issues. They're better off with pistols.
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Well besides the issues above, there are some more serious ones.

First, a G/K43 is not a true sniper unless it has it's matching scope. There is no other way to determine if it ever was fitted with a scope. These are merely rifles with scope mounts added.

Second, both mounts are fake anyways IMO. I can't believe they are able to sell this crap.

And let's not forget they have the rubber eye cup on the front. To me this displays that they don't even have a basic knowledge of G43 snipers.
From looking at both rifles it is obvious Legacy isn't very well versed in the G/K43 Both rifles have major issues... mounts, stocks (Walther wasn't serializing stocks in 1945), etc. Neither rifle is worth the money they are asking IMO.

Why do I feel the one which sold and had a serialized stock was discussed here before...or maybe I'm thinking of another serial number where a stock serial was added to a 1945 Walther.
Both have issues and are overpriced, in my opinion, for that reason. They have one with even more issues just listed on Gunbroker. Legacy, like any seller, has nice stuff occasionally but you need to do your part and know what exactly you're looking at. Legacy is just another business selling what they have come in or are selling on consignment. Again, it's the buyer's responsibility to know what's right and wrong and Legacy is just a seller/source. As Matt points out, these are not "snipers" but rifles with added scopes and, in this case, repro mounts. It's always best to value those rifles separately from the scope and mount as the added pieces add no intrinsic value like an original matching mount would (that's a whole different level and I would refer to Matt in that case). Figure about $750 retail or the original ZF4 and repro mount and then deduct that from the asking price and decide if the rifle is worth the asking balance. I think not in both cases. That ac45 with the butchered "heel" on that stock just hurts my eyes. Add in the poor fitting butt plate and sanded bits and it's not so pretty anymore no matter how hard I squint. The other one, wow, uh no to that. Oh, and those bogus serials on that ac45 stock really takes that one to a lower lever. That's a real shame too.
Don't blame Legacy as they are just another seller moving either inventory or consignment pieces. All is the buyer's responsibility.
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All, Thanks very much for the comments and advice. Highly useful to my untrained eye! Seems that there are a lot of stocks as well as scopes that have been messed with to some degree! No blame to Legacy - they are moving inventory and reporting what they know. The journey continues!! Respects, Thunderbolt 3

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