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Turd alert! Refinished and looking great!

For a guy like me that's not a bad deal if I could get it for that. I sell the stock and hardware for a hundred and maybe fifty bucks on Fleabay and the barrel for 30-45 or more. I get a complete action (hopefully w/no setback, ask how many '09's - '96's I have with it) that will have a new handle welded on the bolt. A big plus - NO CAP SCREWS! For guys like me these things a gonna be unobtainable (except for mas $, just like what y'all are going through) in ten years. I mean even now people will ask that for a mothy action alone. Thanks for the tip, usually I never even look at complete arms unless it would be a pristine Chilean 95 which has always been just beyond my pocketbooks reach.


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Cav, we usually have an annual contest for the biggest turd spotted for sale. I think last year or year before I gave away a sight good as grand prize for grande turd spotting. I doubt this one can be topped. It certainly can’t be polished any more. You’ve really raised the bar here for yourself and everyone else. I find this almost incredible.
You’re right Hambone, this probably cannot be topped. This is easily the saddest attempt at a fake I’ve ever seen. I mean this is like Playskool’s “My First Forgery” level bad. This one truly sets a new higher, LOWER standard.


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...and for starting price of $389.99 it can be someone’s grenade. If the outside is any inclination of the headspacing, I’d be worried to shoot this Frankenstein. I agree, it looks like a few different rifles put together. I never saw a byf code, G date code, and 1940 year marked K98k-ish. guys do a contest on these?! That’s a really fun idea and hilarious 😂! I’m proud that my submission went over so well with everyone that I set the bar high 🤣. Not to mention brought a lot of joy to so many.
I know I have a lot to learn, but there’s no mistaking this as not genuine article. This was up on GB a few months ago and forgot about it. Was selling then for around $1200+/- starting bid back then. I can see it didn’t sell. When I saw it pop up again in my gunbroker emails I thought this was perfect for turd alert. I wonder if anyone would buy it if it was at a penny start? Maybe just for a laugh I’d buy it for a penny, lol.
Since I don’t want to clog up the thread replying to everyone, im happy to get to know all of you over time here. Thank you for the warm welcome and enjoying the post along with me.
@M1903A3 that angry defs head kills me 🤣
@Warrior Thomas the Train engine meme is hilarious as well. I’ve seen you guys use those before an honored to have them on my post...I know I did well, lol.
Haha well The Defs Hed has seen MANY, MANY bad fakes so if ITS mad, it’s BAD. :)

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