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South American contract carbine. Argentine?
You are correct I think. Here is one on Flea Bay.
Interesting star proofs, look like the ones on some parts used on SS conversions.


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the 1400 meters & overall style yes same as my 1909 Argy engineer’s carbine, & cavalry carbine, but those are unmarked, no cross or star. Argentine is most often marked with the knit cap, shaking hands & an anchor on extractors. (?) my spare leaf is also unmarked. Agree on some South American contract, for a rifle with barrel shorter than 23-5/8”. (like 21-1/2”).
Here is a small discussion on the “star” inspection mark just for the OP’s knowledge. Interesting rifle, non matching, it has an anchor on the extractor also. According to one poster, he had information the star was used on “international” orders. The French used a similar one, post war, but this isn’t the same. It’s a bit of a mystery.
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