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Update on FG42 from SMG Guns


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Got this email before Thanksgiving.

Here we are again, just in case you have wondered......
Yes we are still in business and working every day.​

hose on the waiting list for a T-I or T-II FG42 regardless of caliber.

Short version is we are working on this project every day but are probably 6 months behind schedule. So no, no Christmas joy this year.

And at this point we are not really catching up, for all kinds of reasons. But inability to replace key people and difficulty getting the things we need are primary problems.

I can tell you if you really ever want one of these rifles please keep hanging on. Because the way things are going, the wait may only get longer and prices will for SURE be going up after this run of rifles that everyone is on the list for.

I will give examples of why below. But if you decide to drop off the list for whatever reason and then get back on later, the price will not be the same.

Please do not write and ask "if I am on the list is the price the same as when I got on"

We bought most of what was needed for this run of rifles last year so most of it is locked in. Things that keep going up that may factor in before shipment are final heat treat/processing fees, cases for shipment and shipping, etc etc.
Examples of the world around here.........

Like I said we bought most of everything needed last year. Good thing since the last small lot of 4130 steel we purchased went up 78%. Yep 78%. I emailed the steel rep and they said the prices have gone up 13 times since the first of the year with no end in sight.....

Actually I recently received an email from them, the steel supplier. It stated that if we had placed an order and paid for it, but it was not yet shipped that any price increase to them would be passed along or the shipment canceled. WTF? This is where we are now.

Our barrel maker announced a 11% increase and I have no idea how long they will be able to hold that.

Last trip to the wood supplier and they had about 20% of the normal amount of different wood available and said that due to all kinds of things this is the new norm and expect the prices to go up.

Sent a small batch of parts - less than 40lbs - to the heat treater and it was a little over a hundred dollars more than for the same kinda thing last year.

The average cost of shipping/insurance just keeps going up. We last charged a fixed 75 as it would average out. Right now 100 might be enough but who can say in 4 months.

Etc Etc Etc.... These are not whines but there is no stability anymore so we can plan and set fixed costs.
His price increases quoted actually seem low to me. I buy steel for a living….. a month ago it was the highest it’s ever been…. More like 150% increase over “normal” prices rather than 78%. I’m surprised guys buying as little as he is can even get it. Working in supply chain has been an absolute hell under Biden and things are still getting worse
As an electrician with our family electric business the cost of wire, panels, boxes, PVC pipe, breakers, and labor really sucks right now. A 1000ft spoil of 12-2 was $320 last year now it's close to $800 a spoil plus tax. We just wrote a check to one of our suppliers for $40,000 for wire and can lights. Which will do maybe three of the custom houses. And of course my contractors want me to my cut my prices.
If anybody here is considering cancelling their Type I order, please PM me and I'm willing to work with you and Rick to transfer your order and reimburse you for what you've laid out so far, if you ordered the 8mm version. Thanks.
I imagine if you get your fg42 and put it on GunBroker it'll bring $7000+ right now so.. to back out at this point would be ridiculous.
Bumping this, just wondering if anyone knows anything new. I am just about 11 months into my wait.
I don't feel bad, just curious if there were any updates that I didn't see. I sure hope Rick comes through, that thing is a work of art
I've been waiting since August 2020.
But I heard through the grapevine that T-I/E rifles have been getting delivered in 2022. So there is hope yet. I'm betting by August I might get my paws on mine. Full 2 year wait, or hopefully by year end
I didn't realize some guys had been waiting so long. Guess I'll be lucky if mine arrives this year (Type 1). My Alchemy 1911 just arrived at the dealer after a 10 month wait, shooting it will
make the next month go by a little easier, lol.

And the pics flynaked posted are nearly as impressive as the gun!
Thank you sir. Does anyone have pictures of their scope mounted T1’s?? Would be neat to see more. Even though it’s not exactly correct, I think I might mount a zf4 on it one of these days.
Sadly, I got very ill over Christmas so no progress on a BFA. My machinist has had to deal with family issues so hopefully, more progress soon. Rick's work is simply outstanding and Friday, I'll zero the scope finally and try a few mags with optional springs. Only thing I'm missing is a hedgerow!
KDF, hope you are in better health now, please let us know how the the rifle shoots! It will help to satiate some of my desire to get mine, I know they improved the trigger pull from the T-II/G, I got the PU optic and mount for the T-I/E. You mentioned something about optional springs, like new follower springs from SMG?

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