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VG-5 / VK-98



My name is Ted and I’m new here.

I have what I think is a VG-5 / VK-98 from what digging I’ve done.

This was something that my grandfather had in his house before he passed. He had a bunch of other weird stuff ranging from a narwhal tusk to a really mean macaw. Since he’s now gone, I have no way of knowing anything about where he got it.

It had no stock on it, and the one seen in the photo is a used K98 sporterized stock I picked up for $15. Seems to fit well.

From what I can tell, this seems to look like a proper VG-5. But I’m certainly no expert.

In trying to figure out what this was and if it’s real, I found this forum and figured I’d ask the folks who actually know what they’re talking about.

I would appreciate any color.




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Yeah it’s real, it could do with a proper stock. There will be more markings on it as well. The barrel should be counterbored and the front sight wrapped around and tack welded.


Thanks. I’ll try to grab some more photos of the bolt.

If I were to order one of those stocks, is there other hardware I’d need? Photos of VK98s and of the reproduction stock in that link show some additional holes at the front of the stock. I think the forward one would be the sling mount but I’m not sure what the other one is for (circled in red).

I think I could make a sling mount easily enough. The originals don’t look complicated.

Also, I take it I shouldn’t try to fire this thing given there aren’t that many left.



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Here are some reference pics.


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great find from your grandpaw... if i was you Id try to get Lez to make one out of solid beech VS laminate. Also someone here possibly knows the whereabouts of a real stock ! Better option..
wont be cheap but will be well worth the investment. These have come down over the years since the high point put top examples still sell in the 5-6k range.


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I would think that the correct stock could also be one of the modified k98k std. stocks....appears to be an earlier variation


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I would think that the correct stock could also be one of the modified k98k std. stocks....appears to be an earlier variation

It's a very late one by the serial number and with EL barrel code. Interesting that it has the standard trigger guard and floor plate. In this range you would expect a slab stock.

Thanks for posting Ted and welcome to the forum. Some pics of the bolt would be great. Is the bolt matching to the rifle? Any V stampings? Might be found on the bolt root, barrel, or bottom of the action? Markings on the trigger guard and/or floor plate? Thanks!

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