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Volume 1 - Mauser page 109 sample, S/42 commercial K98k


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Here is a page "hot of the press" - figured I would share it as its pretty cool.
A 2nd page is missing that shows another unique feature of this rifle - will update later tonite or
AM tomorrow.

Ed: Added 2nd page.


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Are you ready ?

You start trickling out this stuff and we are going to start bugging you about when the book is going to be ready......:biggrin1:


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Volume 1

Both Mike and I will be posting sample pages in the upcoming year for multiple reasons.
First to share the work in process, second to get feedback - ie. this page is a big POS.

Thats one of the reasons we set the forum up was to support the work for all the volumes.

Yea I know its a tease but would you guys rather see nothing until the book is released.
Mike I know would not want it that way.

Our target date is Feb/March 2012 for release of Vol.1.

Following up, we have a ton and I mean a boatload of archival work that has never been seen before, just like the
images of that commercial S/42 - you guys are the first to see that outside of Jon Speed and Lockhoven.
We are spending a good bit of change on translations of period documents that we feel are important in the overall
presentation of the content in Vol.1.

It turns out that the effort required to compile this volume is much more difficult given the period (early years), makers involved and also the area of coverage - Post WW1, 1920, Gew98m,Karab98b,Standard Modells, Banners, etc., not even counting the period documentation that we have to review, translate and insert into the work.

In the end we hope this will be better that the current work (Kriegsmodell) and thats what both Mike and I are striving for- both in content, image quality and presentation.

In addition, our peer review team will be looking at the work in process as well as the general review by this forum of
the sample material we will be presenting. Thats the poop.
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Vol. 1 Black and White

Yep its going to mostly black and white as per these page samples.
Just kidding, the B/W images are archival material and if we could get up to date color
images we would prefer that format.


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I definitely think you need a proof reader from Down Under....HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT:hail::hail::hail::hail::biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


for abundant clarity should'nt it be acknowledged that the EXTRACTOR is missing from the speciment rifle

of course, us experts don't need to be told this but a broader range of readers may

and re the variation front sight - elsewhere in literature it is well recorded that Mauser made up 'salesmen' rifles' - that is rifles in various configurations to show the range of possible features a potential client could order (sights/stocking etc) - in this case sights and laminated stock appear to be the salient features

so rather than a 'test' rifle' - whats to test ? its not a radical new design/they know the front sight is ok as its already in wide usage via a previous order - and given 1936 is a year of voracious marketing across the globe now that Mauser is back in business (Germany had revoked arms restrictions) the subject rifle is almost certainly a 'sales/promotional rifle '
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