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Vz98n post war Czech K98k not Ethiopian contract


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Here is a K98k varient I picked up recently, no import mark , rifle has been in the us for a very long time .

My main questions are what does the Js on the stock mean, also barrel is dot 13 shield LH code. Does anyone know what the lh barrel code means? I had it out of the stock and it only says LH

Bolt matches receiver, no receiver code , scrubbed or never had one .

I’m looking for the experts thoughts on this overall.


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it's a typical postwar Mauser from Czechoslovakia. I have no idea what the "Js" on the stock could mean. The "shield/dot 13"+letters is a wartime code / marking and is often found on Mauser assembled at Brno from leftover parts. "LH" denotes the barrel lot. The bolt is the late war variant with round vent holes.
It's nice that receiver and bolt still match; many many postwar Czech Mausers are bolt mm guns.
It would be interesting to know if the receiver had been scrubbed or never had a marking at all. Normally you find (late) war codes, the Czech lion oder scrubbed ones. I am curious if this is a variant.

Thank you for sharing

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Its czechoslovak postwar production partly on war parts, i assume this is a missmatch as different serial of receiver and bolt and buttstock, some strange configuration, the magazine housing is later period.


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On those guns, normally only receiver and bolt are serialled. I bet the stock has no takedown disc, has a cupped buttplate, and it's not drilled for a cleaning rod which would make it the typical stock for a postwar Brno production. Pics would be helpful! As far as the number on the stock is concerned, it's very, very probably not a factory-applied number but rather a rack number or something like that. So let's assume that the gun is fully matching. This kind of trigger guard is often /mostly seen on postwar Brno made guns so it's nothing unusual about it; on the contrary, everything else here would make me suspicious.



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It seems that lots Jx and Kx are the last reported barrel lot codes in production. Surely these were finished barrels leftover after the factory was captured. Is there any acceptance on the bolt root?


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Thank you!!
Like I thought: no takedown disc, hole in the buttplate, LION proof on back of the bolt stem. It is as should be!
The top of the receiver is a bit mysterious, but it seems that it had been scrubbed which is so so obvious now as the rifle clearly shows traces of wear and patina.
I have searched my database and found another Brno Mauser which is 100 percent like this one - in brandnew condition. Scrubbed receiver, "winter trigger guard" and all. And I found something there which was quite amazing: a "Js" and a number, which supports my rack-number-theory.
It seems that lots Jx and Kx are the last reported barrel lot codes in production.

Like heavy_mech said, Jx and Kx are the last known barrel codes assembled during the war. The barrels on the Brno Mausers in my database are from the Lx "series" so it all fits together very well. Near the end of known postwar Brno pieces, there seems to be a switch to "Nx". It also appears that a number of spare barrels in the the "Mx" series have been exported.
All this deserves further research, of course.



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