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Walther KK Wehrsportgewehr

Hello, I'm a new proud owner of a Walther KK Wehrsportgewehr, caliber 22LR. The rifle is in a very good condition. All of the parts are at the same serial number. There's a special stamp engraved on the stock with a swastika symbol and a eagle. If somebody could help me about the history of this rifle, it would be very nice. Thanks in advance.IMG_20220226_085437_resized_20220226_085622613.jpgIMG_20220226_085502_resized_20220226_085622958.jpgIMG_20220226_085505_resized_20220226_085647585.jpgIMG_20220226_085508_resized_20220226_085648061.jpg
Bonjour, je suis récent propriétaire d'un Walther KK Wehrsportgewehr, calibre 22LR. La carabine est en très bel état général et mono matricule. Sur la crosse il y a un logo gravé avec une croix gammée et un aigle. Si quelqu'un peut m'apporter un peu d'histoire à propos de cette arme, ce serait sympa. Merci d'avance.


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You have every right to be proud of this fine rifle. This variation of Walther KKW was used by the N.S.K.K., basically the German Auto Club to provide marksmanship training to their members. These are very accurate and a great joy to shoot. :) (y)


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not sure how i missed this !! Amazing find ! these are truly rare far more scarce than a S/A marked example.. NSKK stamped stock.. This was applied with a stamp into the wood. Not carved or engraved.

There is a true connection with Walther and the Party and they supplied weapons to the S/A and Nskk . There is a range of these trainers KKW and WSM with NSKK markings as well as PP's with Nskk Eagle.

The only other trainers Ive seen with legit NSKK markings is a small run of ERMA dsm34's with Nskk M.U. marked stocks.

Enjoy your rare treasure my friend (y)

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