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Walther Sportmodell Serial No.?


This is my first post on the forum, so thanks in advance for any light you can shed on my question. I have recently taken an interest in military training rifles and acquired a Walther Sportmodell (military pattern). I researched the gun in Robert Simpson's "Training Rifle of the Third Reich", and on page 372, he states the rifles were produced in two serial ranges: ca. 65,000 - 81,000, and 22,000W - 44,000W. He also describes some differences between the two ranges. My gun appears to have the 1st Serial Range characteristics (non-grooved receiver, non-stepped barrel, soldered front sight, etc.) The anomaly is the serial number: 26608. This doesn't fall into either of the two listed ranges. Also, there is a "2" stamped on the receiver bridge above the Walther logo, and what looks to be "I / 26" stamped below Sportmodell on the bridge. This same marking appears to be stamped into the stock butt on the right side.

Any ideas on the anomalous serial number, the meaning of the "2", and the "I / 26" marks? What would be a likely production year for this rifle?



Walther Sportmodell Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle 26608.jpgScreenshot_20210716-234635_Magnifier.jpgScreenshot_20210716-234343_Magnifier.jpgScreenshot_20210716-234407_Magnifier.jpgScreenshot_20210716-234455_Magnifier.jpgScreenshot_20210716-234710_Magnifier.jpg


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Your pictures are extreme detail shots. While I'm surely not at all an expert on .22 rifles, I noted that all markings on your rifle seem to be blued (including the firing proof), the serial number on your rifle doesn't. Additionally, the serial on your rifle seems as if it was machine engraved and not stamped. But this could just be the pictures as well, maybe you can post better ones that are not so detail shots, as well as possibly taking natural light instead of this extreme bright artificial light you have used in your pictures.


Thank you for your response. I have attached a couple more photos taken in natural light. To my naked eye, the serial number does appear to be blued (the above photo I think was probably over exposed). Also, the font type, size, and location appear to be very consistent with examples of 1st Serial Range examples in Simpson's book. On further reading, it appears that there are numerous exceptions to the general numbering range scheme described in the book. For example, he lists in his known database, rifle 26321 (close to mine) which, like mine, does not have the "W" suffix. His notes indicate that serial numbers with the "W" suffix tend to have the grooved receiver (which mine does not). So, it might just be that my rifle is one of those exceptions that deviate from the general numbering pattern. My thinking is that I have one of the early runs of the 2nd serial number range, but with the characteristics of the 1st serial range rifles. This would place the manufacture date at around 1938 (give or take a year). Would you concur? I am still curious about the "2" and the "I / 26" marks on the receiver bridge, and the "I / 26" on the butt stock (on the left side, not the right as I described above). I'm thinking these are SA Sturm 1 / Standarte 26 unit markings, but Simpson doesn't show an instance of these stampings on the receiver.



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going off memory. the first series I call these "no rail" have no W suffix where the second run does. Im assuming they may share the same range so they added the suffix ? Just a guess at this point.

The 2 and the rest are added.. S/A marks. 2 is weapon #2 and the rest the Gruppe #. Nice find !!

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