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What causes this happen to the bolt face?

Winchester Cowboy

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What causes the bolt face to be damaged like this where a piece breaks off?

Hot Load? Metallurgy? Forging? Design?

Does it affect safety or function, or should the bolt be thrown away?

Is this a common problem with Mausers, and if so, does it show up more often in Late War?

I found this pic on the internet.


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I've seen this several times on rifles in other wise great condition. No signs of setback to the lugs from an over pressure condition or that sort of thing. What Pisgah said is definitely a possibility. Not really sure what else could cause that.

I believe the pic you posted is off a Brazilian 1908?

Oh and it will affect function to some degree. Mostly with ejection in my experience but some feeding issues could be possible. I have shot a bolt like that and I can't see it affecting safety unless this is due to poor heat treat or metallurgy. The one I shot had been used for years with no problems other than poor ejection at times.

I should also add that the bolt I had like this was a later K98k bolt with the round gas ports but still had the rib. I can't remember the maker though.
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Ditto to what Pisgah said. Looks like it was dropped on a very hard surface ie concrete.


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That would be tough to do on a properly heat treated bolt. Steel grain structure can have imperfections that are not detectible. Looks like what Pisgah said, a drop on a hard surface, concentrated impact on that small area, maybe weak grain structure. The latter possibility would worry me more than the damage for future use.

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