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WW2 German SMK AP is OK right?


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I've always stuck with Romy 8mm for my German semi autos because I know it's not overpowered and it works well. I've got some German SMK AP 8mm from 1940. Obviously it worked fine during WW2 but the concern has always been receiver cracking among other things with some surplus ammo. Has the WW2 German stuff been looked at as good for semi and belt fed 8mms? Especially the G/K43 series?

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Joseph Burke

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I stick to good modern production commercial ammunition such as PPU, Sellier & Bellot, etc. for my G41s and G43s. I think that wartime ammunition has far more collector value that shooter value these days. I do have some late 1970s Yugo (PPU) 8mm that's terrific ammunition but I only put that through my bolt guns.


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I DONT run any surplus in my G/K 43's. Why take the chance? For me its either PPU factory ammo of my own reloads. With my own reloads I can load them the way I want them. With that said, I have no problem running German or any surplus through my K98's. Although I do stay away from some surplus that is known to be garbage.


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Appreciate the feedback.
I've owned and shot G/K43 rifles for over a decade. Back with the GK43 forum was still around, Romanian was a well accepted surplus 8mm to be shot through them. Having shot hundreds if not thousands of rounds(with apfeltors kit), there's been no issues from the G43 rifles I've owned and I never really looked at it as taking a chance since it was a pretty common back in the day for surplus ammo to be used in these, although some were avoided such as turkish or 50s yugo due to unreliable factory loading or high pressure ammo that would cause receiver cracking.

Was hoping someone here had used WW2 German 8mm in theirs to see if it's still well regarded or not.
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Peter S

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Over time I have shot several hundred rounds of steel case 1940 dated SmK through my various G/K43s without any problems. I always used a "shooters kit". There was an occasional dud but otherwise the ammo was good to go. I still have about 1K rounds and would have no concerns in using it. I would not use any German ammo made during or after 1943 due to the powder being acidic and rusting the cases from the inside.


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There is no reason to shoot war ammunition from G, K 43. It is unnecessarily strong for these rifles. Sometimes yes, but definitely not permanently. I also have a set of shooters installed and still I don't shoot the Sellier & Bellot factory, PPU. They are quite strong. S&B, are being tested at the upper limit of dust and unnecessary loading for old rifles. Good for bolt rifles, but not for G, K 43. That's why I make weaker rounds for all my old weapons. I save my weapons and my shoulder.


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Even with shooter kit and springs I don't shoot any mil surplus ammo in my G43 , K98 either for that matter. Reload my own to the low/med end of current commercial pressure levels.

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