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Hoping someone can help me out on this, picked up a couple more P.38s today, price was right. Question is this 43 has an almost battleship blue barrel while the rest of the pistol is a duller grey. Pistol matches and locking block is not in the white, has some bluing with wear, opinions on what is going on with this one welcomed. Got it reasonable and figured could be a “shooter” worst case.


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It might have been dipped at one time, or still is. Hard to tell by the photos on the exterior of the pistol. The locking block and locking block pin are supposed to be in the white and the way they look, it looks like the pistol was dipped.
Hard to tell much about the original finish at this point, but it was not unusual for major components of later AC P.38s to have different original finishes on major assemblies. I've seen dark blue, eggplant purple, and on frames, browns sometimes tending to pink. What appears to be blue on locking blocks is sometimes only the result of the original process of heat treating the block.

Russian "dipped" (hot blued) captured guns are usually pretty distinctive. I see no evidence of that here, unless it was done and then has almost completely worn off.
very hard to tell.. but as with all weapons the barrel is different quality of metal than the rest. Its not uncommon for it to be darker .
For reference. Here is a average wear AC 43 a few blocks off from the OP’s P38. This also shows the difference in color of different parts as mentioned above.


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