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Xmas day signed volume II raffle


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Mike does not know it but I am giving away a signed Volume II set away on XMAS day.
If you want to get in the raffle, simply reply to this post.

Will draw the winning number on Friday evening!

Happy XMAS to all our members and families.

Wish all could have a nice K98k sitting under the tree on Friday morning!


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Merry Xmas Bruce! I know I already have the books, but there’s a few deserving guys up here I could help out.


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Merry Christmas and thank you Bruce! May everyone have a joyous and peaceful Christmas.

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R.W. Parker

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I'm in too! I never won anything in my life, perhaps this is My Year. Regardless though, a blessed Christmas to you and your family Bruce.



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This is coming out of your expense account. That's about 15 Stout beers at the local Market Bar, which I will of course be happy to collect on next year.

Mr. Barnes

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Merry Christmas.



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Make it Volume III and I’m in! :laugh:

I have the books, so you don’t need to add me to the raffle, I just wanted to comment lol. I know there are some great guys here that can really use them. Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas guys!


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OMG. Mauser Santa came to my house too!!!


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Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum.

Mauser Santa was really good to me this year


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