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Xmas day signed volume II raffle


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Additional Volume II for Raffle

Guys we have decided to raffle an additional set!
Will announce the winner on Friday!


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It is heartwarming to see these books being given out freely, just think how many of US got interested in something because of a book we once read. Thank you Bruce and everyone else who takes the time and effort to make sure our shared interest continues on.

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2nd Winner

The 2nd Winner is NMarshell...

Thanks to all who participated!!



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Congrats to the winner! And thanks to you and Mike for all you do hosting this site!!


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Absolutely awesome !!!!!

Thanks Bruce.
I have the full set. I’m keeping the signed one and turning over like books to a guy just getting into k98s!!!!
Keep the passion going !

The books arrived last night ! I am totally stoked ! Bruce mailed the 3rd of January and it finally showed up yesterday. Your post office in action. ( or is it inaction?)
Thanks again Bruce ! I will donate my old set to another up and coming collector and treasure this set !

I was pretty excited when they showed up. My wife videotaped me.
( actually actor portrayal :laugh:)

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