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If they are on the tight side going on to the rails, were they meant to be put on dry, lightly oiled or lightly greased?

I picked another one up (ar43) and I'm cleaning 60+ years of crud off of the rails and inside the machined mount surfaces. Amazing what comes out with paper towel, a cotton swab and some oil. I need a K98 Carwash!

I can just imagine when the rifle hit the mud on the battlefield how tight the clearance was along with some choice swear words!


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well, we picked up a basicly flat new byf45 at a show and tried 4 mounts till one fit ? Not sure why. But the one that did slide right on and locked up tight. The rest only on part way and bound up. I have never owned any other zf41 rifles other than my gustloff kkw and the mount I bought for it slid right on and fit.
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ZF41 Mount Check

Try removing the roller screw and rollers from the mount. Many times these are frozen or gunked up and make it difficult to slide on. Check the mount fit without the rollers on the mount and see how it fits. I've got five mounts and they all fit fit my AR41, some tighter than others depending on the "spring" tension on the roller bar. My unissued "dow" is really tight with the rollers but it indexes perfecto every time. Make sure your mount does not have the flat early type rollers if your mounting rail has the beveled slot...:thumbsup:

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