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Finally received my first ZF43(B) scope and thought I should share some pictures in here too - after all it is one of which very little is known, plus pictures are also rare (mainly from auctions).

The pictures show the scope from all four sides, the last picture shows the scope with the rain shield and the darkening lense removed, the next picture shows exactly these two parts separately pictured. The final three pictures show the "scope pouch". Note this scope is a long eye relief scope like the ZF41; it was intended to be used on the G.41(W) rifle, the mount to it using what we nowadays refer as the "ZF41 rails" on this rifle.

Worth pointing out (took me some time to notice it even in the pictures): the ocular (where you look in!) is the LARGE side, compared to what we know where usually the ocular is smaller than the objective. Second thing, I did not know there was such as thing as the darkening lense. Some of those to be found on the internet seem to have it; one seems to lack it. Finally, the "scope pouch": this is basically a paper roll glued covered with leather-looking paper! So if I was to make a guess, this was the factory boxing where it was supposed to be shipped/sold because there is no way this would survive in the field. This would possibly also explain the hand written designation on the outside - done at Busch when those were put back in storage because there was no usage for them. Also the adjustment turret: it has a radial cut done in the middle for adjustment with a coin. Something we see with modern scopes, but nothing common for that period.

Finally, note the several fine steps in the tube. They have different diameter - it is quite clear where the mount was supposed to sit, plus this way it would had prevented slippery in the scope rings. At least my scope appears to have some scratches in this area (only) what made me think it might indeed once had been on a mount, but who knows.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and looking forward to comments.

Great find and very nice scope!!
From the serial number 143158, your scope is the very scope pictured in Mr.Senich's venerable book "The German Sniper 1914-1945".
Another example shown in the book is number 143161.
Perhaps the serial range 1431XX was for the ZF43(B) between the serial series of cxn ZF41.

I have wrote an article on ZF43(B) in my website many years ago.
Kentomon, I know your website very well. It is a great resource to all collectors. If you want to, feel free to use any of the pictures of my ZF43(B) for your website.

PS: yes, originally thought mine isn't the one from Senich's "TGS 14-45". Then looked again and noticed there were two different ones shown. I wonder how many total are known. Of how many are you aware?
Thank you very much for your kind words! I would love to if I may.
Other than the two pictured in the Senich's book, I know only one example, which is shown in my website, the property of Mr.DWD.
I recall it was around 2003 when he shared the photo of his new treasure in some other forum. Later I asked him for the permission to use the photo in my website.
Unfortunately I cannot read the serial number, but I see it is 1431XX.
I assume the production number is within 1431XX range.
Thanks Laurent! I've had a great guy giving me tips for a great light box, maybe you should contact him ...... Same btw applies to you, use it for your blog if you want to! Publishing helps collectors learn more on them.

@kentomon wow, I didn't expect only three of them to be known! Seems I now have a new rarest scope in my collection.

Edit: reading Darrin Weaver's Rough Forged book I found the scope by Dave Davis in it - serial stated as #143160. So mine being #143158 and then again being known #143160 and #143161 there should at least be #143159 also existing. Maybe that was the scope shown in the American Rifleman April 1947 issue.
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Special thanks to Absolut, I have updated my ZF43(B) page of my website with his brilliant pictures.
From my ZF41 database, I have found the ZF43(B) serial# range 143100 is right between ZF41 Type2 and Type3.
142911 Highest Type2 (ZF41)
143158-143161 ZF43(B)
145959 Lowest Type3 (ZF40)
Perhaps, for example, serial# block of 3000 piece (142950-145950) was prepared for ZF43(B), but it is obvious that this did not actually happen in this quantity, while the serial production of Type3 (ZF40) had really started from 145950.
I really want to know who of what made these decisions. I don’t think it is a result of some lobbyists.

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