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ZG 1229 Vampir somewhere?

Two pieces will have a complete function (already sold), if you wish when buying, only the lamp will be functional. It is still available
I hope that I'll be one of those who get a fully functional one :). Highly looking forward to the finished product. Extremely skillfully made. Can't wait to see them finished. Did you do the welding yourself? Almost looks laser welded.
Two pieces will have a complete function (already sold), if you wish when buying, only the lamp will be functional. It is still available

Thank you for the reply. I'll probably kick myself for not buying one of these, but I just can't bring myself to drop that much coin on a non-functioning unit. It is clearly EXTREMELY WELL crafted!!
The spotlight glass appears to be from the illuminator used on both the B8-V and their early post war NV binoculars.
I have news, it will be ready at the end of the month, unfortunately the lathes is broken and this is delaying everything


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not much, except that mine is almost done... there is always work after work 🙄


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Wow, that thing is a true giant! Did you already turn it on and see if it worked?
without function, all devices are ready. I'm now starting to build the function on my device. That will be a big challenge for me. It's also not entirely clear to me whether the devices were painted or chemically coated. Maybe someone has information for me?
This thread may be of interest to you.

This thread may be of interest to you.

Thank you very much, that definitely helps me... that's how I imagined the color to be
the electronics won't be easy, but everything fits quite well. The connection is also difficult but the headlight works😅


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I have an old funat (zeiss wetzlar)) device, it was built in the 1950s and comes very close to the zg1229. Even the range is about 100 meters, like the original


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