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    byf45 8500a

    Nice Rifle!
  2. Winchester Cowboy

    SS & WaA stamped Thompson M1A1

    Beautiful BS story about its history. The Talking WaffenThompson tells all! Lol
  3. Winchester Cowboy

    G29/40 on Gunbroker. A battle of the wallets!

    Congrats to the Buyer. It’s the Thrill of the Hunt. If you’re happy with your purchase that’s all that matters.
  4. Winchester Cowboy

    Waa359 squarred mount with matching scope

    Was your 359 mount reblued sometime postwar?
  5. Winchester Cowboy

    Steaming Hot Turd

    That number “2” added on the receiver was a steaming hot floater that jumped right out of the toilet bowl.
  6. Winchester Cowboy

    Veteran bring back K98 with a dried deep red liquid on front parts of rifle? Is this blood?

    I’ll bet Kelly Hicks could authenticate it for you with his Space Age XRF “Ray Gun” and give you a COA that it’s Hitlers Blood, Booger and Nostril Hairs from Beyond the Berlin Bunker for a small fee, paid over 96 months! Lol
  7. Winchester Cowboy

    The Champagne Rune Exposed

    I wonder how many people got screwed buying the fake Champagne SS helmets? I imagine the bodyshop guy was busy on the production line! Would it be in the hundreds? Thousands?
  8. Winchester Cowboy

    ar43 mismatched but honest

    Rather than wondering and assuming, and having any doubts, ask your picker friend for a 3 day inspection.
  9. Winchester Cowboy

    ZF41 Question (Correct Serial Number Range to be Legit?)

    Was the duffel cut repair done with pins or wood dowels and epoxy or some other method?
  10. Winchester Cowboy

    M40 Luftwaffe Camouflage

    When you click on the pictures to zoom and slideshow the resolution comes back and is very sharp and clear. Must be the new program upgrade? Nice find!
  11. Winchester Cowboy

    What is the best way to store leather holsters

    I store the leather holsters in the gun safes and gun cabinets, some wrapped in a small towel like for drying dishes for protection against scuffs and wear should a late war K98 bump them! I don’t use plastic bags as years ago my Dad said plastic bags dry out leather and it can’t breathe. Not...
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    PTR44 Semi-Auto MP44

    Thanks for the reply.
  13. Winchester Cowboy

    Be careful. Fakers in our midst. gill120 Dave Gill please respond

    Wow. And a Big Ticket Price too I would imagine. Glad it all worked out and no one got burned. Great guys looking out for everyone on the Forum! Thanks for posting.

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