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1918 Erfurt Kar 98


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Here's another one that Chris was kind enough to part with. It's a real closet fresh example, it even retains the 1917 dated sling it was issued with. I removed it to address some mold issues, but you can see where the leather drew the oil out of the stock from being on it so long. It's dufflecut under the rear barrel band, something seldom seen on Kar98s.

Receiver SN: 8603f
Barrel SN: 8603f B.O. 215
Front sight SN: 03
Rear sight SN: 03
Ejector box SN: 03
Trigger Sear SN: 03
Front barrel band SN: 03
Rear barrel band SN: 03
Trigger guard SN: 8603
Stacking Hook: 82
Trigger guard screws SN: 12,12
Floor Plate SN: 03
Follower SN: 03
Stock SN: 8603
Handguard SN: 8603
Buttplate SN: 8603
Bolt body SN: 9531g
Extractor SN: 31
Safety SN: 31
Cocking piece SN: 31
Bolt sleeve SN: 31
Firing pin SN: 31

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Glad you got it man! It's a stunner with cool vet graphiti. I loved how this one has all of the late features: Beech stock with grooves and disc and the little-noted late rear sight configuration where there are little screws holding the rear sight leaf on rather than the leaf prongs/pin.

I know you'll be a great caretaker. Congrats on your first 98a!


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Kar.98a can be a field all their own, lots of variables, - across the whole 1907-1945 spectrum - interwar-republic era alone could keep you quite busy and in a dire storage shortage! Even the high production runs of 1917-1918 can keep your wallet stressed...

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