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Sight Hood?


Hey Buddy, is that an E/4 in your pocket?
Benefit being originality and being more complete. For shooting it makes acquiring sight picture a lot simpler. Easy to put on? No, but with a quality set of reversable snap ring pliers it prevents losing an eye or having to send out a search party for it if it takes flight.


I've used a clamp/spreader tool and two pieces of 550 cord. It worked awesome and didn't have to worry about scraping any metal parts.
Zeppelin5000 now that is impressive and ingenious. I may have to explore this method next time I need to put on a sight hood. I've always used the Snap ring pliars on all of my rifles.


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I can't take credit for that method, I learned it somewhere online myself. I was very pleased with how easy it was and that there was no fear of the hood going flying somewhere lol. Just get the hood into position and release the tension on the spreader tool. Bam, you're good to go. It's a great method for anyone that might have trouble with their hands.


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Have been using the pictured battery terminal spreader tool since the '80s. I added a piece of black shrink-sleeve on the end of each jaw to prevent marring, but it finally wore off. The only hood which defied this tool was a original for a German G41W. That hood was so strong I had to use hardwood wedges to pry it wide enough to fit (the wedges basically being reduced to splinters in the process)! I like the clamp/stretcher improvisation for the home workbench. Back in the day, sometimes a hood was either in need of being taken off/replaced or put on in a timely manner at a collector show, and the BTST always rose to the occasion..


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Zeppelin, that is brilliant. I was thinking along those lines but kept coming back to para cord at fixed anchor points, too contrived, a dead end. The clamp/puller changes everything.

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