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Help a new guy out...what are the big differences between a BD38 and a MP40? I do a lot of building myself and have wondered why the MP40 was never made in a semi auto (in 9MM, in appreciable quantities) I know the conversion to closed bolt, striker fired is what holds most all these designs back. (Take the STEN for example. There were 9 bazillion parts kits imported, but never a commercially successful design.) Was it lack of demand, lack of design or ATF regs regarding SBR's? (The recent glut of 'pistol' sub guns like the PPSH43 were only due to a rather loose interpretation of 'its a pistol if its short and cant be shouldered (very loose paraphrase there))
Very fun gun!!! There were ~310 imported into Canada and the version here fired from an open bolt. Myself and one other member of this Forum were lucky enough to own one. Sadly, every example was confiscated by the Gestapo (RCMP) with financial compensation as the government decided that they were too easily convertible thusly and posed a risk to the public. Perfect example of where registration leads to confiscation - take heed my friends to the South!!!

More likely though to pose a risk to "Fidel Jr". I would think

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