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Meet and greet with Jory today


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I certainly wasn't breaking any land speed records coming back from SoS with a trunk full this year 🤣

False. Hale, when you visit, scotch is mandatory. A nice highland single malt would be preferred. Thanks in advance. 😎 *this requirement only applies to Hale, btw.

Jory, One of these days, you can make a longer drive and come see a bunch of lame imperial and interwar stuff. 🍻
Chris, I will accept this post as a formal invite. There will be a day… I am sure..

Bruce’s photo is so cool and neat. Here is a edited version of my second favorite photo from the meet up… we started with a neat grouping on Bruce’s table and by the end there were rifles everywhere… on the floor, on chairs, on the couch. It was truly cool to see that much K98k history in one room. All just beautiful pieces.


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It would have been nice if you both had taken a video of this meeting and posted it on the site. I as well as others would sure have liked to have seen this great collection of rifles all in one place. It would have been a good learning experience for us all. Maybe next time....


Damn, I would be happy just to own one of those rifles! Love browsing here and seeing the collections that some members have (though sad that I will never afford to curate a collection like that myself). It would be nice to see a nice chronological layout of rifles on a table by manufacturer.


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I always love the museum you can touch. Collectors with large collections that share it are the best. Have 2 in my area and always leave with so much more knowledge then before.
That is so true. I had the incredible experience to visit a collectors home not far from where I live. He is so full of knowledge, but is old school and doesn’t post pictures of his items on forums. The number, condition, and rare types of rifles I saw just blew me away. He could tell tell you what was unique about each one, where he got it etc.
I felt like I was in a vault room at at a museum for a K98’s.
It was really hard to take in so much history in the time I was there, almost overwhelming. Just an incredible day I’ll never forget. Even my wife was blown away, and she isnt into guns that much.

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